freaking out, please help!!

  1. freaking out, please help!!

    symptom: clear discharge from nipples

    i went on a cycle of hdrol/havoc for 3 weeks over a month back. pct was diesel test hardcore, post cycle assist, and transdermal formestane. i just added in ATD in the past week since it was laying around and the pct assist was out and i quit using formestane. cycle ended over a month ago so i dont think that was the culprit, im guessing some kind of bad mix btwn DTH and ATD? i duno but now im lactating when i squeeze my nipples, i just noticed today my right one was wet and just to check... i squeezed, the color is clear.

    i know, obviously, to stop taking all supplements at this point. but what do i take to stop it? IIRC tren users take b-6 and i think chasteberry(?) to help prevent it, could these be used to help treat it? im very low on money at this point and i just need some guidance. thanks!

  2. you'd be better off with p5p than b6, but it is a little pricier, like $12-14 for a bottle. probably was a reaction from the ATD, although it sounds more like prolactin than estrogen as you aren't talking about painful lumps. So i'm not sure honestly what is causing it.

  3. ya, no pain involved and its not sensitive. how would u recommend dosing the p5p?

  4. I'd go with 600mg a day for a week, spread through the day. If its not gone by then, or you start to develop puffiness and or painful lumps too then i'd look into all the gyno treatments around.

  5. i used b6 for a while at 600mg for a few days then took it just at nights because it made me tired as hell during the day, and took a few days just not taking anything. its not getting worse, tho. its still happening, i want to say not as bad but i mean im not really sure. theres no pain, should i be concerned or just leave it alone for a while and see if my hormones naturally balance out?



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