Question about gear in Thailand, new law?

  1. Question about gear in Thailand, new law?

    Hey, i will be going to Thailand with 3 of my buddies, we all do bodybuilding, we'll be spending atleast 5-6 months there. we all plan to take advantage of the cheap/legal gear in thailand all though we still dont know where in thailand is a cheap place to stay (living and gear) we plan on just hanging out and bodybuilding.
    my question is, a friend of mine was saying they've passed a new law in Thailand where you can no longer walk in a pharmacy and buy ASS without a presription? has anyone heard anything like this... ??
    Ha anyone been to thailand in the last year???
    also does anyone know of a cheap place to live and workout in Thailand?

    Please feel free to PM me we're booked to leave in 3 weeks!


  2. to buy some ASS you can get it on the street from the ladies with high boots and miniskirts lol

    for AAS im unsure of laws. google is your friend

  3. loool thanks for the correction... i'm trying google but i cant find anything. i even called some pharmacies in Thai but no speeka englis and some say you need a doctors referal ,they just say hospital... lol

  4. can anyone point me in a direction on what city to stay in thats best and cheapest to do bodybuilding ??

  5. Cash will open doors in Thailand, no matter what the law says. . .

    Perhaps look at one of the islands -Ko Phangan - they used to have a gym there in 2000!

    I wouldn't stay in Bangkok - it's a filthy fkg sh1thole (although will be a good place to start off and source your gear)

    Man, I wish I was going with you - have fun but stay safe



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