Need help ASAP

  1. Need help ASAP

    Ok before you flame me I admit to being 100% at fault for not being patient. I just started a cycle of 1-test-4ad transdermal and assumed it owuld be no problem getting some 6-OXO.

    Unfortunately living in Canada has caused some problems and now I'm getting a little sketchy as I'm going to be needing this post cycle. Anyone know where I can get some 6-oxo into Canada fast?

  2. 1fast400 woudl do the trick.... Sorry about the 6-oxo .. Talk to ya...
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  3. Ok I'll give it a shot ASAP, and no worries, cutoms is something ya can't control.

  4. If you can't get any 6-oxo for post cycle you can try ZMA as well. It's not a aramtose inhibitor but it should help increae your Test production.

  5. True and vitex is a good anti-e as well. Talk to ya.
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  6. In the same situation myself (well, almost) I just received my shipment from BDC - T1-Pro, Usnic acid & 1-4 Diol. (in the UK)
    I looked around several sites for 6-OXO and other anti-Es, and emailed a few companies asking them to get back to me with shipping charges.
    1-fast400 was the only one who replied. I'm now waiting for my shipment from him of 6-oxo and aromazap.
    It's tempting to start now with the T1, but I'm going to wait. I also need to ensure I have some other supplements to hand, including NAC (liver protection) and ALA.
    Hope you get what you need ASAP.

    I guess the one thing people can gain from this is that it is always best to plan ahead, check all the options and make sure you have what you need to hand.

    I did manage to order some '6-OXO' from a German company, only to have the order cancelled - the whole site was in German, and I got a little mixed up (thanks Google!) The company cancelled the order after emailing me - asking why I had ordered 5 sets of bicycle handlebars...................

  7. Originally posted by curt2go
    True and vitex is a good anti-e as well. Talk to ya.
    Curt, vitex has no anti-estrogen properties, it affects progesterone levels

  8. Originally posted by wardog

    Curt, vitex has no anti-estrogen properties, it affects progesterone levels

    On my bottle of Vitex it said it works slowly, and one has to take it for months.  Wasn't what I want to hear...

  9. Hmm just want to tack on a question here, what is Viratese and is it obtainable in Canada? As I've heard it also has Anti-E qualities which is of interest sinec I'm on a PH cycle.

  10. It works slowly for women but not for men. On my first cycle I could tell that i took it the next day. Got rid of itchy nipples. Remember it a women hormone regulating drug.. It does work pretty good and fast.. Talk to ya..
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