1. Oil

    What makes something USP? For example, can you use regular cottonseed
    oil as an injectable oil if it isn't listed as USP? Is it safe to boil
    regular cottonseed oil(3 gallons for $27.00) to kill the bacteria then
    filter and use it as a carrier for the injectable gear? Or do you have
    to pay $6.00 for 50ml of Cottonseed Oil USP???

  2. http://lemelange.com --> cottonseed oil, USP

    Yes, it's safe to bake and filter cottonseed oil.

  3. It is ok to bake oil but NEVER boil it.

  4. thanks guys, do you guys know where i can find info on different purity of oils and how they are ranked, for instance, USP grade, NF and so on.

  5. umm.. I don't think I have ever come across anything like that..

  6. For powders I think the higher the USP# the better. It's prob simmilar for oils.

  7. Cant remember where I got this from..............

    USP's Dietary Supplement Monographs

    USP's dietary supplement monographs are published in the USP-NF, which the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, 1994 (DSHEA) recognizes as the official compendia for dietary supplement standards. According to the provisions of the DSHEA, a dietary supplement represented as conforming to USP standards will be deemed misbranded if it fails to do so.

    USP 27–NF 22, official January 1, 2004, has a separate section on dietary supplements.

    A USP-NF monograph provides the tests, procedures, and acceptance criteria that help to assure product identity, strength, quality, and purity. The monographs are established by a process of public review and comment conducted through Pharmacopeial Forum (PF), a bimonthly journal published by USP. The process is driven and guided by volunteer scientific experts, in pursuit of USP's mission to promote public health.


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