OTC Ds/prohormones or look for the real deal?

  1. OTC Ds/prohormones or look for the real deal?

    Ok i have been off of gear for the last 5-6 years or so and was thinking of getting back into the game. I have a crap load of pins,clomid,nolva all left over from past cycles just sitting there. The main problem is that i have been out of it for so long i really don't see too may of the people i use to talk to let alone all the sources i knew of are gone. This has lead me to check out all the prohormone/over the counter things like m-drol/epi/bold/p-plex etc which i dont think would be as good as a nice test/eq/d-bol cycle.. Any thoughts on this? Are sources that hard to come by theses days with all the gov bans/crack downs.. Now i know i just can't come out and ask for a source so what to do?

  2. Just a side note i have been cutting/loosing weight for the last 2 or so years, start weight was 285 and wore size 44 pants and was pushing for 46's. Currently im 200 and can now fit size 34 pants and just about lean enough to start a cycle.. I have done quite a few between age 22 to age 26 or so..

    should say i have tried epi and bold which were ok and h-drol but that doesn't compair to test/eq/dbol

  3. The legal DS will never compare to real gear bro, the only exception I would think would be superdrol.

  4. i think, go to the gym make some meathead friends and ask if they can get you the hook ups you want.

  5. test, get some test the ph ds are fckn junk

  6. the designers work well because orals tend to be stronger than injectables anyway, they just lose out in that you shouldn't stack too much of them together, and their toxicity really limits the cycle duration.

    why don't you get yourself back in the game of reading and researching and plan out a designer cycle while making plans for injectables? Try something stronger than Epi and Hdrol, those didn't put any weight on me.

  7. These designers do in fact work. But like unrealmachine said the duration in which you can take them is shorter.
    It's hard to concentrate when I can hear your thoughts.

  8. yea i know they work but i do know what a real cycle feals like.
    I have used
    sust 250
    fina-aka tren

    so i had my share of trying that stuff and sure do miss it lol

    might give m-drol a shot this time around

    i have used epi,trenadrol,h-drol and bold200 which were not too bad

  9. the designers are a good alternative if you dont know a good source some people could sell u home made **** or rat poison even neskquick in a jar !!!!!.

    hdrol and epi mild yes but great for first time users if your new body will respond very well.

    If not pplex superdrol .... i would compare them with dbol anyday !!!!


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