One week on clen, so far....

  1. One week on clen, so far....

    I haven't noticed any weight loss. I have been going to the gym five days a week, for at least 1 hour a day, so i don't know if muscle being added is countering any fat that is being lost. It's hard to see with your own eyes a few pounds here and there. I have the increased heart rate, jitters, etc., so i know it's working. Am i just being too anxious. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    By the way i am steady at 160 mcgs per day, and my clen is from power nut.

  2. Slow down their MPC. Just give it time. 160mcg constant, thats a hefty amount you must be shaking all over the place. Give it two weeks before you really start looking for results.

  3. Clen does not result in RAPID fat loss like DNP does. A change in body composition is done overtime, not 5 days. The fat loss will be slow but it should happen.

  4. "Juststarting" to be honest with you the shaking has subsided greatly since i started

  5. yea i would wait til the end of your cycle to compare. Lossing weght is better if it happens slowly over time. just give it time MPC




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