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    I was going to start making my 20mls of test cyno tonight, However before I start I wanna makesure Im gonna go about it in the best way.

    1. Do I HAVE to melt that powder before putting it in the vial, or will dissolving it with everything else work out as well(its not thick powder)

    2. Is it okay to wait to bake it in the over after I filter it, a few hours? Trying to plan around a certain someone

    1. Add powder to measuring container.
    2. Add BA / BB / cottonseed (until NEARLY to volume).
    3. Bake in oven at 250 degrees to help dissolve faster.
    4. After ensuring it is completely in solution add more cottonseed until it's to volume.
    5. Sterile filter this solution into a vial.
    6. Allow to cool and enjoy.

    After you get it into solution you can filter at your convenience. However, if you do it while the solution is still warm it will filter about 1000% easier.


  2. if you look over in the conversions forum there is a nice step by step with picture on how to make test enth... and it works the same with cyp..

  3. Let me know how it turns out, I'll also be starting a batch soon...

  4. Turned out nice and golden, Its still perfect tonight, so good so far!

  5. Pictures dammit!


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