T1pro cycle and antibiotics

  1. T1pro cycle and antibiotics

    I have everything ready to start a T1pro cycle tomorrow. And i am wondering if anyone knows if taking 50mg of doxycycline EOD would be an issue? (My dentist prescribe this to me) From what i know of Doxycycline.

    Doxycycline is an antibiotic medicine belonging to the class called "tetracyclines." It is used to treat bacterial infections in many different parts of the body. It does not treat viral infections, such as the common cold.
    Recommendations on perscription are do not take antacids or iron and vitamin/mineral supplements within 2 hours of medication

  2. You should know all tetracyclines inhibit protein synthesis. If you are taking it to control acne on-cycle, you'll have to decide if you want clear skin or more gains. I'm not sure how much it would really affect gains, but it's guaranteed to affect it some.
    I have taken doxcycline for acne before, but stopped when I heard that.

  3. Thanks Longdog
    I had no idea and i appreciate the info. I plan on not taking it while on T1pro and while on PCT, and probably not anymore at all. Hopefully my dentist can come up with something else. From what I have just read the dose im taking seems pretty low. But i still dont want anything to hinder my gains. I plan on posting a cycle log on AM when i get some time this weekend and throughout the cycle.
    Thanks again

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