critique this ph/ps cycle

  1. critique this ph/ps cycle

    4-aderm/OH-test w/ dmso 4-6 squirts a day
    M-1-T 15 mg/day
    I have used m-1-t for 2 2 week cycles at 10 mg so I think now is the time to increase a little and see what happens. The question I have is will the OH-TEST have any effect on this cycle or bring about anything new or different from the traditional 4-ad/m1t cycle. I think im going to run this 2 on 2 off/pct/clen 2 on then pct/off for 4 weeks. Im currently 6' 213 at about 17% bf (maybe a little less) Hope to get around 220 with the same bf b4 I cut again.

  2. should be a good stack in my opinion

  3. The OH test will not add anything in terms of gains. It is a great stacking agent to offset the water retention & estrogen sides of the 4ad though. I also notice much less libido loss & almost no acne with OHT added to my 4ad in a 25:75 ratio. I add OHT to every cycle.

    Its expensive compared to just adding more 4ad, so if those effects are not what you want- just add more 4ad instead.

  4. yeah at 213-217 I don't want the bloat because that will make me look pretty damn fat, so yeah I'm gonna throw in the OH-Test and see what happens. Hopefully it will keep off some of the sides that 20 mg of m1t will cause.

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