Syd Group Primo

  1. Syd Group Primo

    Just so you guys know, Syd Group Primo failed a lab test done at SRCS.
    Absolutely no Primo (Methenolone) in the product.

    My advice, give up on trying to get primo. There are better products out there that are legitmate.

    If you need the link,****2430069

  2. That's exactly why I say screw primo. What's the big deal anyway, I mean you can get so much more for your money.

    I wonder how the QV primo will do. They have some interesting new products coming out for those in Mexico where it's legal

  3. mhmm, ima give 5aa cyp a shot, rather than track down some legit primo

  4. Not only that, but even from a powder source it is still damn expensive.

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