IN iraq and need advice on my second cycle

  1. IN iraq and need advice on my second cycle

    Hey i am using sust 250 right now(1ml e6d) and bukalo 10 (dbol) 20 mg a almost done about 3 weeks left in this cycle and i have went from 185 to 195, bench 275 to 330, squats 315 to 375 (never use to work out legs),deadlift far...
    so i am goin on leave for two weeks in about a month and i got some nolva waitin 30 20mg pills...when i get back from leave and do my last 6 months here im goin to get on a cycle of sust250 and deca 250.. i have 20ml of each one and sum more dianabol..

    So guys any advice on how i should do this cycle? and i am goin to wait two months until i start it. thanx for the help kinda new to the stuff

  2. Hmmm... You respond really well.. I was going to say just run sus250 EOD or 3x a week..

    I'm doing this right now, and I really like it. Expensive, but fun :P

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