Weird 1-ad side effect.

  1. Weird 1-ad side effect.

    Im doing a 4 week cycle of ergopharms 1-ad. Right now im entering week 3 and started on a 200 and will end at 500mg a day. I was getting the usual sides just some low lethargy. Around the end of week 2 i started getting some pumps near my chin and neck, which i just thought it was acne but then over a couple of days they turn into these little ugly scab looking things. I wanted to know if anyone else had sides similiar to this. Thank you.

  2. Run a quick search; I think a guy named Kflex got some odd reaction. I don't remember if it was 1ad or a straight 1test product.

  3. The doses you are taking are pretty low. I doubt this side is from the product, but maybe you are having some sort of alergic reaction. I believe Kflex's was from another product. He did post some pictures of his rash. The guy went through some hell.

  4. Yeah, KFlex said it was from some VPX products, I forget which ones though. I have seen other user reports concerning odd allergic reactions to 1-AD as well. Actually any 1-Test product can cause such a thing. I believe Windwords7 also had a problem in regards to that too if I remeber right.

  5. Well as of right now they are healing pretty nicely, i have some smal one under my chin and like medium size scab on my left side of my neck( i hate that one) i treated it with some cream there i found. Thanks for your help guys

  6. Lump that scab over on there own...
    Sounds like youve been infected with some type of biological warfare agent, AIDS or Skin Cancer. J/K bro
    I had the last one on my neck and removal was no fun. My scar speaks for itself. Thank god it didnt spread anyworse cause the biopsy removal itself involved them removing a pretty heavy amount of meat from my neck as it was.

    I can joke about it now but when your told you have cancer is seems like your world has just stopped spinning.



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