1. anavar

    thinking of starting first cycle of anavar for 8 weeks with pct. HCG and clomid for pct. what do you think would be an effective dose? how should i take it? half in morning half before workout?

    this is what i am thinking:

    anavar = week 1 - 60mg week 2 - 80mg week 3-6 - 100mg week 7 - 80mg week 8 - 60mg.

    HCG = week 8-10 250iu.

    clomid how much to take

  2. You dont need to ramp up the var, and then ramp it serves no purpose, other than to allow yourself to see if its going to present any significant sides.

    HCG is way overkill for anavar, IMO.


  3. but clomid is good?

    so just got with 80 or 100mg the whole way?

    wouldnt hcg help me gain anyway?

  4. i get what your trying to do with the low dose of hcg id rather see someone over prepare for pct then not at all but it really dosent impact the hpta as much if you can get cheap proviron run that with the clomids for your pct

  5. seriously, an anavar cycle is expensive compared to say a trenadrol cycle.

    trenadrol is legal and cheaper and will yeild much better results. plus it's non-methylated.......not sure if anavar is but.....



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