winni v stacked with epistane?

  1. Davidlee
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    winni v stacked with epistane?

    would this be safe? would it be effective?

  2. first i don't know why you'd want to stack the two? what effects would you be looking for with this stack that you wouldn't get alone?

    Second, although alot of progress has been made with PHs in the past 10 years or so, I'd skeptical about the SDI labs stuff still. I haven't heard anything but negative things about winni-v. If you are going PH then stick to just an epistane stack. The combo is alot on the liver and I don't think you get your money's worth with winni v IMO.

  3. That stack seems way too dry and would cause some major distress. Also, why stack 2 orals?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Davidlee
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    so epistane and what would you all prefer that i can read up on?
  5. Davidlee
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    50mgs of Epi (once ramped up of course is awesome) Prop was awesome with epi, a lot of rave about stacking it with test cycles to. Out of the current stock and dependant on your experience there's a 'few' options, some extreme and some not so much.

    Epi/Phera - great potential, lots of talk of running it, nobody has yet to do so that I know of.. I would dose this at 30/20 or 30/15

    Epi/Furaz - (could be a bit painful) pretty dry, it's a fat loss/strength stack IMO, I would go past 100mg furaz on this baby.

    Epi/Halo - have seen SPECTACULAR results with people on this stack, the doses I've seen, I doubt are suitable to posted publicly, but I would definitely run this one given plentiful liver support.

    Epi/Formestane - Popular, effective.

    Epi/Tren - I wouldn't run this one I don't think...

    Epi/Prop - My all time favorite, awesome stack right here 50/90-120.. sweet spot.

    Epi/Bold - WAY to much potential... I would run this for 8 weeks with 1 gram of 1,4ad and 50mgs of Epi... mmm would be nice.

    Epi/revolt or Epi/17-methyl BOL (*m1p) could be a fun stack, has minor potential.

    Epi/SD - some people seem to think this is wise... eh, maybe 30/20 for an extremely experienced user with an extensive budget to fund his supporting supplements.
    ANy of these catch ya'lls eye?

  6. What's the purpose of the cycle?
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  7. Davidlee
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    Increase mass and muscle, i'm a tad bit scroney i reckon you'd call it..
  8. Davidlee
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    im thinkin maybe the havoc/epi stack?? anyone here use epi as a stacker with anything and seen godo results?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Davidlee View Post
    im thinkin maybe the havoc/epi stack?? anyone here use epi as a stacker with anything and seen godo results?
    Dude, it's the same compound...
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. yeah man havoc/epi isn't a stack

    you just want mass, and you're set on a stack, you should do the phera/sd bridge

    something like this:
    PP 20/30/30
    SD 00/00/10/20/20

    that's a light version of it, i don't feel good recommending higher doses if you haven't used these compounds before.

  11. phera bridged into epi

  12. Dude I hope ur talking about winstrol and not garbage imitation winni v bs. Because that **** is not real. For the record

  13. its your first damn cycle go light.


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