Trying to put together a cuting cycle

  1. Trying to put together a cuting cycle

    I'm wanting to put together a PH cutting cycle. My main goal out of my hormone suplements will be 1) increased energy and POSITIVE motivation and 2) anti-catabolic.

    I'm 28, 6'-0", 190lbs at about 10%. I'm looking to get to 6% at 180. I know the skinny ripped guy isnt in vogue, but I like being light and efficient.

    I'm thinking of running 5AA and 4AD. Dosing, however, Im having a little more trouble figuring out. I'm not sure If I want to run 2 inj. or 1 methyl and one inj. I'm also wondering how methylated PH's are so much moe toxic than traditional methylated steroids (i.e. winny or Dbol)

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. i'd say go with a m1t and 5aa cypionate cycle. That way you only have one methylated oral and don't have the bloat commonly associated with 4ad.

  3. Ive already used 1Tcyp at 350/wk and loved the strength gains, but it affected my mood negatively, much the way tren did. For that reason Im going toavoid 1T (I'd rather use tren if Im oing to have the same psychological sides)

    5AA is primarily androgenic, right, but does it have any inherent anti-catabolic activity?

    Has anybody used 5AAcyp? I'd like some feedback from users. I've found limited informationusing the search.

    Whats the difference between using m5AA and 5AAcyp?

  4. m5aa is methylated - to be taken orally
    5aa cyp is for injection

  5. Sorry, that was confusing. I understand the diference in structure and use. I was referring to the diference in results.

    I'm stil wondering about the toxicity of mPH's. How do we know they're so harsh? I've used winny at 50mg/d for 16 weeks with no problems (I did use tylers and r-ALA), so why the low balling on mPH's.

  6. I want to bump this one last time For Designer's input.

    I really want to run 5AAcyp and 4ADcyp, but Im not sure about the dosing. Like I said, I'm 6'-0", 190 and ~10%. I want to get to 180 at 6%.

    My past cycle experience includes winny @ 50/d for 16 weeks, Tren only at 100/d, and various stackes of test w/ tren, Eq, and winny.

    I'm thinking about:



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