question? 23g , no 20g

  1. question? 23g , no 20g

    ive been planning a nice cycle, or trying. first off i ordered a kit to make my own inject. well it finally came but no bb, ok ive decided ill go for it anyway ,a little pain o well. now i relize idont have all the pinz i need i think !. i ordered and received 50 23g , can i just use a 23g pin to stick through the stopper in the vial and fill , then swich to another 23g to shoot or do i need a 20g to stick through the stopper so no bact. gets in?

  2. You *can* draw with a 23g but I know I'm sure as hell not that patient. And if ya do draw with them, you still wanna switch needles, so that's 25 to draw and 25 to shoot. Sounds like not enough needles unless this is a short cycle.

  3. You can use a 23g to pull from the vial and to fill it but it might take a while. Also I suggest getting some bb. The pain is nothing to sneeze at and I can't imagine only using ba. Ouch.

  4. thanks for the replies, my mind is like a strainer i keep forgetting to order everything that i need.i gues now ill order some bb and more needles to draw with.

  5. The correct answer is to change needles but I have been known to draw and pin with the same. It will dull the edge on the needle but you won't notice it...just don't reuse the needle afterwards.

    Also, before I comment on not having BB we need to know what is in solution!


  6. its from big daddy chemos fina without a kit solution, 30ml+=5% ba/15-20%bb/ the rest sesame oil, but have no bb , is there anything else i can substitute? i thought that this solution should work for a 400mg/ml solution, im trying to make 30ml or more of sledge's pro sust. if im not right on this please feel free to make suggestions . thankz

  7. Fina without a kit? Was that pulled from Bro, I wrote that piece over a year ago! How the hell did you dig that up?

    Anyway, if you are dissolving tren you will need the BB.

    AKA Big Daddy Chemo

  8. well, i found it the L.g site in the steroids sec. under "almost legal stack" , been trying to research many diff. things. i have different prohormone powders and fina/syno to convert also, can i use that recipe of yours for all? or could you possibly steer me in the right direction, i''d use dearch but it doesnt seem to work right it says"not enough words " everytime. glad i did most of my research on the old site!


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