Where to get 1-T pro?

  1. Question Where to get 1-T pro?

    Whats up guys? whats the difference betwen 1-T and 1-T pro? i know this is dumb question, but i really dont know...on the main site it doesnt have 1-t pro, 1-t has 1test and 4ad...but i wonder if 1-t PRO have more of both or just 1test...and please let me know where i can order 1-t pro because i dont see anyplace to order it. thanks in advance.

  2. The 1-T pro was sold out, so hasnt been added to the sales list yet, although Im almost positive its back in stock, there's a link in my singature to the members store....follow that.

  3. Man that was fast YJ...

    The diff is that T1 has 5g 1-test and 10g 4-ad (bulking)

    T1-pro has 10g 1-test and 5g 4-ad nice lean gains...

    Hope that helps.. talk to ya..
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  4. Talking

    Thanks guyz! both of those were SUPER FAST replies! i gave you both Karmas lol :P i have to finish up my ONE by avant labs first ..gona start in few days, ofcourse followed by 6oxo and then waiting 16 weeks or more to start on 1-t pro, but i want to order it with in like a week or two to stock up because i am afraid there wouldnt be any left because of the banning going on, i heard from exbananaeater no one is producing any more transdermals, so whatever they got on shelf is all people can get. hope thats not true...i know its true for avantlabs but duno bout the rest..just hope its not! i know u guys know, i havent been in forums since hella long, ever since i did cycle of t-x i didnt go on forums kuz i was enjoying! :P but now i need somethin again...need to build more....kuz once u reach your goal, its never enough, you want more!! hahaha....i guess thats how i am :P soooo back to the original question, is 1-t pro gona be produced again ? or is everyone sellin their transdermals that they just got left and never gona produce it? lemme know plz! i would like to be safe n stock up! thanks !!

  5. No BDC nutrition transdermals have been banned and they are still being produced... So don't worry. but stock up anyways. Or even better learn how to do it your self....


    Hope that helps.. Talk to ya..

    PS The reason we are so fast is that we have the best mods on the net...(Or laziest at work )

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  6. Originally posted by curt2go

    PS The reason we are so fast is that we have the best mods on the net...(Or laziest at work )

    I agree....although I wont say on which one
  7. Cool

    haha how about both? lazy at work and best at mod! :P curt2go...bro the thread you linked up here about making your own doesn't work "vBulletin Message
    No thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster " soooo it doesnt exist now? hehe...i will buy the 1-t pro as soon as i have time to browse yellowjackets signature links..hopefully would find the right link...but i would love to know how to make it myself so if it DOES get banned i wouldnt have any problemo on running out of transdermals :P

  8. It was the link in YJ's sig anyways. Homebrew 1-test recipe... Go take a look. Talk to ya..
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