Help on long cycle

  1. Help on long cycle

    Somebody let me know if they think this is a bad idea. I'm currently 1 week into my cycle. I'm doing 10mg/day m1t/ 400-500mg.4ad trans for weeks 1-2, then for about three and 1/2 weeks I am going to do 450mg. ergopharm oral norad along with the same 4ad trans then for another 2 weeker of the m1t/4ad trans at the same dosages probably. This is roughly a 7 and 1/2 weeker. Does this sound too harsh? or Like it will shut me down extremely hard?

    Here is some extra info as well:
    I was planning on doing 4 weeks of post treatment with nolva probably starting on the last 2 days of my cycle. 40mg/day for weeks 1-2 and then 20mg 2-4. I may add some trib as well?? Should these dosages be adjusted or will this allow for a good recovery.

    Also, no liver support will be taken during cycle at all since it seems the majority opinion says save it for post cycle. As for this I will probably just pick up some Milk thistle from the grocery store for post cycle at recommended dosage?

    Any comments/suggestions on either of these 3 areas are greatly appreciated. I just want to make this a good, safe, maintainable cycle. Thanks.

  2. your cycle seems fine. Shutdowns going to be hard on any cycle that long. 2 weeks at 40 and then 2 at 20mgs of nolva shut get your buys back up and running. theres been some controversey on wether milk thistle will hinder gains on m1t while on cycle, seems like youve done your research and chose to save it till post cycle. Everything seems in check though. Im guessing the reason for using an oral 4-ad is because you have only enough transdermal for the first 3 and a half weeks. If you have enough id use transderaml the whole way through. Like ive said though, everything seems in check and good luck on your cycle. Keep us posted on your progress...

  3. Looks like a solid cycle to me, the basics of a good PH cycle IMO. PCT looks good

  4. The cycle looks solid to me.
    I would take at least ALA on-cycle for liver protection. I take milk thistle on-cycle along with ALA, but that's up to you. Milk thistle won't affect the M1t unless they are taken at the same time. How effective it is while on, is debatable.

  5. Note to Jacketparker. I am using the 4ad transdermal the whole way through. The oral you saw was "nor-ad" along with the 4ad trans. as I will be substituting the nor for the m1t to let my liver recover a little.

    Longdog, I'm assuming there is no controversy over ALA hindering gains while (on cycle) like there is with Milk thistle?


  6. Jacketparker was curious on my progress so I just wanted to say that I'm loving the m1t. This is a much lower dose of the transdermal than I'm used to so I know the 4ad isn't what is giving me these sick pumps. I'm roughly one week into it. One side effect I noticed that I've never noticed on a prohormone cycle is that I'm thirstier than I've ever been on one before. My water intake has nearly doubled! I'm noticing great pumps. I'm hoping to put on at least 10 lbs with this cycle, but we'll see. No bad sad effects at all. My blood pressure was checked yesterday and was at 120/78. I even took a 1/2 serving of xenadrine (with ephedra) pre-workout. I don't think I will be doing this anymore though b/c I get pumped up enough for my workouts without it and there is no need to risk my BP. No lethargy and appetite & erections are increased so the 4ad must be doing its trick. I am looking forward to everypart of this cycle b/c It is my first time doing the m1t, and my body responds great to nor-ad.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MF210
    Note to Jacketparker. I am using the 4ad transdermal the whole way through. The oral you saw was "nor-ad" along with the 4ad trans. as I will be substituting the nor for the m1t to let my liver recover a little.
    Ahhhhh...understood, guess i need to double check before i post next time. and for gods sake please dont call me jacket......your like the 3rd person to call me that.....


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