What happens if you DON'T do PCT?

  1. What happens if you DON'T do PCT?

    Hypothetical question, don't flame me! I have my nolva on hand and ready to use after my M1T cycle, but I was simply curious how the body would react without PCT? Would test levels never return to normal, or just take very very long? What other side effects would or could come of it?

  2. You should already know this. You could lose all gains and then some. Test levels would take much longer to return. Cortisol would run rampant. This is information you should know before you ever use any type of hormone. And you shouldn't need to ask it.
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  3. hum...........not taking proper PCT = high possibility of crashing , getting gyno ( bitch tits), and losing your gains

  4. Money, time, and effort all for not! Not to mention feeling like ****.

  5. it would just take you much longer to recover natural test levels. You'd also get all the symptoms that are associated with low test/high estrogen levels.
    My friend at school did this and boy was he sorry. Took him 4 weeks so start feeling normal again, and by then he has lost most his gains. Mostly cause he was sitting on his ass all day depressed, crying after All-State commercials(dumb&dumber)

  6. ull die

  7. Maybe this PCT theory is all just one big happy myth, a conspiracy brought to you by the "for research purposes only" businesses of America. What if the Nolva and Clomid we were buying was just a placebo of sometype and was really useless? What if steroids were not actually steroids but injectable forms of cottage cheese that created a state of mind control that caused individuals to only think they've grown when in reality there still the puny little losers they once were in grade school?
    This public service announcment brought to you by the good people who are really bad.
    Try avoiding PCT and let us know how it worked for you.


  8. Diabolical db682....lol


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