Week 1 Methyl 1-Test update

  1. Week 1 Methyl 1-Test update

    196.5 last Sunday
    204.5 This Sunday! Plus I look better....not just more bulk. Been taking 10 MG & nothing else. I am going to do another week at 10 MG. I see no reason to up the dose.

    I also ordered a bottle T-Gel and 5 grams of 1-Test powder & 2.5 grams of 4 Hydroxy Test powder. Can I start this right after this cycle or should I give my body a few weeks rest?

    BTW...this is the best online forum ever. Great to have like-minded people to correspond with! Any other Iowan's that participate here?

  2. there are alot of good people on this board. great place to learn something.

    you should give your body a rest between cycles. i would use nolvadex or clomid. i prefer nolvadex. you should be on pct for as long as you were on a cycle as a general rule.

    good luck with your next cycle.

  3. Yelis,

    You are a freakin stud dude, good job.

    I too wouldn't start again right away. I advise doing one serious PH run per quarter (3 months). In between, do your PCT then you can do other things like creatine and high dose Glutamine peptides, NO2 etc.

    Yeah, do the Nolva

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