Look at what i have and tell me the best way to Cut!

  1. Look at what i have and tell me the best way to Cut!

    So I need to lose about 15 lbs. My diet is REALLY tight. im taking in 500 less calls then maintnance and of course working out. I was in a couple conversations with a few different people and they all suggested I take some PHs to cut. I have never taken any to cut before so im a little lost when it comes to that. I have a few things on hand and im hoping that maybe i can take some of it to stay anabolic durring the cut. what I have on hand:

    3 bottles of PP 1-t
    2 bottles of pp 1-t tren
    1 bottle havoc
    3 bottles 11-oxo

    plus all the supporting sups, nolva, cycle support, ect

    I just started clen 2 days ago so it needs to be safe to run with that. any suggestions on a good stack to cut using what I have?


  2. run the epi....no discussion needed......

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