dnp results and feelings!

  1. dnp results and feelings!

    alright guys it is time for me to do a real life study on the boards.  I have been on steroids for quite some time in my life with very little desire to come off, but in my new 30ish body i figured I am sick of people looking at me and saying i am heavy and not just big.  were as people that are 20lbs lighter are bigger.  I never did figure this out but i guess the lean or cut  look has its possibilities.  so I figured it was time to go on a serious competitive level cut. plus I think i might compete here in April.  So i am going to go balls out.  Let me first start off by saying DNP is illagal and unsafe to the non user.  If you decided you ever want to use this stuff please become informed.  I will start on a weeks cycle and although on it at another time in my life I got up to 3 pills per day I will stay at just one for saftys sake.  this might compromise my loses but it will def help my sides.  Some real life measurements would be great and pics but you wont get that until maybe later.  Here is what i got so far....  5'7 210 bf around 15-16 It fluctuates from day to day. I have a bioimpedence machine at work so yes I can check it all the time.  measuring around my belly at belly button height i am 39 inches and waste is 35.  these are the places I carry most of my fat for example I can see viens in my bis so as you can see i am not a total tub of lard.  but this is my problem area oh and my cheeks I look like alvin the chipmunk as well my wife hates it.  well I will let everyone know from day to day feelings and sweat factors energy and so on.  I have done DNP before so dont worry about me too much.  Ok it should last for a week but as everyone knows life has tendency to change so it might be for more or less dont get frustrated with me.  the true final results wont be that noticable until about 5-7 days after as I loose the water I gain off of this stuff so read the whole story and make your own desisions.

    as I will also be on :


    this should help keep my levels normal as i hope is the case


  2. Good luck, be careful bro. Wear your rubber suit.

  3. Whale talking to you I have learned you are a responsible person. You have the knowledge on how to use this product. I hope you get the results you are looking for. Good luck man and let us know how much you lose.
  4. nothing to great to report yet!

    a little warm last night nothing to get crazy about but that does not usually start until3 or 4 days anyway.  last night had a good workout prolly my last one for a couple of more days.  I should start feeling the effects here pretty soon of the lathargy and sleepyness so workouts are dismal.  but in the end maybe I can loose this gut.



    til next time whale
  5. day three

    Turn up the heat.  It is really geting hot in here.  I was watching tv toight and actually soaked the collar and back out of a shirt sitting still in my house in a dark room with the air on 74.  Odd yes so it has started.  Over all I am not really feeling to bad good sign for the 200mg idea.  I took a nap today and sweat through a pillow.  My piss is starting the color change and all so the DNP is going to work.  Good thing for me.  Over all I feel warm but not hot almost like a fever but not like on clen or anything of that sorce.  i did not work out that much today did abs and arms small workout under 45 min just because I had to show my house not because I was fatigued what so ever.  tomorrow I am going to try and do a full chest day we will see how that fairs.  I am taking the pill in the middle of the day not to make it too hot at night but it seems that wont matter now as I will have about 600mg in the system from now on.  had a slight head ache today but that might have been from my sinus problems i always have was a little stuffy and this is normal for me.  nothing 1 nonasprin did not clear right up.  Anyway I will update everyone on the future doings of the dnp tonight might be a restless night due to the heat we will see...



  6. Hey bro,

    I am in the midst of a DNP cycle and from the posting I just read about the bro with the eye problem it will probably be my last. Anyhow I am at 400mg a day right now and will be upping to my max dosage of 600mg tommorrow for the lst 6 days of my cycle.

    It has been in the 0-20 degree range where I live and I have been sleeping with the heat off in only boxers and a t-shirt with a light weight comforter and I still have a little trouble sleeping. According to the digital scale at my gym I have lost 6 lbs in 9 days. I am a little bloated but I have gone down a knotch in my belt already. I am keeping my diet real tight, 165g Protein, 150g of Carbs, and 65g of Fat so I am hoping to see some good results once I finish my cycle and shed the water I am retaining.

    On a side note my sweating is very managable because I take a tablespoon of Glycerol 3 times a really helps a lot. As soon as I take it I feel cooler, stop sweating, and overall fell better. Mix it with some Gatorade and take Pyruvate with it and you will feel a lot better on this stuff....well better than the normal feeling of "why the hell did I decide to do this to myself" feeling that I usually get on this ****. Good luck bro and make sure you keep your water intake up as well.....hydration is the key!
  7. finished up

    well now it is just to see how much it worked.  My wife who is clueless i do drugs was pissed as hell at me for soaking the sheets sat night.  She said I should see a doc.  I told her well maybe if it does not get better in a couple of days.  and by last night barley any sweat.  and man let me tell you the activity level has doubled.  The last three days I was on I slept one day 13 hrs the next 12 and did ot have any energy to workout.  I was not even pissed that much when I found out my wife's car got broken into just no energy.  But that all turned around the last couple of days.  Now it is just wait a couple more to see the water shed and do some measuring.


    till then whale

  8. Hey whale,

    Congrats on ending your's funning with juice you hate to come off but with DNP by the end you can't wait to come off, or at least I can't wait. And 12 hours of sleep, wow, I wish I could get a solid 6 hours. I take my last cap of the day at 11pm every night and like clockwork I wake up at 3am every friggen night, soaked in sweat and in desperate need for fluids. Then it is hard to get to back to sleep and when I finally do I wake up at 6:30am on the dot and I am up for the day. I ahve managed to keep the sweating down during the day with Glycerol but night time really sucks. And I hear ya about the energy bro, or lack there of. Some friends have asked me if I am "on" something, like Xanax or some **** like that. My speech is slow, breathing is hard, and I kind of drag myself when I walk. I have three more days but already I have lost at least 10 lbs over the past 10 days and close that were really tight before fit comfortably now. I also can't wait unitl the water drops!! Keep chugging that water so you lose it faster. I am considering take some A-dex to help drop mine. Hope that you are satisfied with your results bro, let us know how it all works out.

    P.S. Hope I am not offending you by jumping in your thread.
  9. final results of first cycle

    well here we go I measured myself today and the belly button measurement was an astounding 2.5 inches smaller.  And remember I only did a moderate dose of 200 mg per day.  the weigfht was not as drastic as thought only lost about 5 lbs overall which is actually nice.  I am still over 200lbs.  my waste was only about .7 inches smaller but I figured that because i am thick there with bone density guess you could say i have child bearing hips.  but the one thing that did not come through was more veins.  Not sure why maybe water maybe somethng else.  I could easily tolorate more doseage but was very happy with the sides were they were.  Now about the eye thing.  I fortunately am going to go see a eye doc at the end of march so I will ask about the caterack thing.  And obviously see if it effected that like vandoo's Gosh I hope not.  Over all i was very pleased with the results and happy to do anouther cycle at the end of my next growing stage....



  10. Sounds like you had a pretty good experience with DNP whale.. congrads on the lose in the waist line..


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