stack epi with.............

  1. stack epi with.............

    ok, is there anything else that would be good to stack with epi other than tren? Im thinking you shouldnt stack 2 methylated compounds, but i dont know what else you could stack it with.

  2. Eq-plex (Bold)
    Remember why you started.

  3. p plex or m drol

  4. winnabol or h-drol

  5. Stack tren!!! It's sick!!! I gained 13lbs of lean mass ok a 30 day cycle 30/30/40/40 havoc and 60/60 3 days then 90 4 days/90/90. Sick strength too.

  6. Mars1107
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    max lmg perhaps

    thats what im thinking to try

  7. Yeah tren is sick as hell strength gains like crazy

  8. What about with WinZtrol by Juggernaut Nutrition? Does that make any sense? Starting an epi run myself.

  9. how about test?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Flexfx View Post
    What about with WinZtrol by Juggernaut Nutrition? Does that make any sense? Starting an epi run myself.
    is that furazabol or prostanzanol? either way it would be too dry for me with epi....but probably a good cut for somebody

  11. There isn't too much that non methyl...

    1,4AD would have to be run atleat 8 weeks adding epi/havoc the last 4-5 weeks.

    4ad and 1ad might be an option but again would have to start before the epi. Would think much like the above 1,4AD

    That's why I say tren tren tren. Awesome results and can be run starting together.

    Fura compounds have to be dosed pretty high like 250 to 300 but is an option if cost isn't an issues. Should get u lean as hell though but might make u loose some hairs on the dome.

    Then u get into methyls. I have stacked it with hdrol 50/50/5075/75 havoc 0/30/30/30/30. No sides. Leaned me out crazy down to 5.5% on recomp diet.

    Or u look at bridges:
    Epi to SD 30-40 for 3 weeks drop down to 20 or 30 week 4 add in SD at 10 then go 20/20

    Could do phera into epi. Some feel phera is wet and this could help dry u gains. Think it's more a diet thing.

    M1,4ad to epi might be nice. Epi drying up the Dbols wet effects.

    Of get some vitamin T (inj) and kick the cycle off with some epi

  12. you could do a Epistane Furazadrol cycle for a mean lean cut
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