Aromatizing Prohormone to be taken with 1-Andro RX

  1. Aromatizing Prohormone to be taken with 1-Andro RX

    I was interested on what might work well with 1-Andro RX to allow for greater mass gains?

    Especially looking for an aromatizing prohormone since 1-Andro RX doesnt aromatize much at all.

    Ironmag labs 3 for $79.99 is too good to pass up =]

  2. I'd be more then happy to help you with this but I'm wondering your age?
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  3. I am 18 but the info is more for hobbying and working with customers, sorry for the confusion =].

    I will admit I have done Tren and Phera but it was only after heavy research, perfecting my diet, and monitoring all the lovely biological effects followed by pre and post blood tests.

  4. Well I at no point condone anyone under 21 to use PH/DS but to answer the question if I wanted to stack something with Andro Rx I'd use M1,4ADD by Competitive Edge Labs is it will aromatase a lot since its similar to Dbol.

    I would also make sure you have everything covered for gyno reasons
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  5. Thank you for the answer =].

    And I do apologize for the age deal putting you in that situation.

  6. I agree with my man what, and at 18 I am hopeful that this is not for personal use
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