PCT for M1t/Same as any other aas cycle right?

  1. PCT for M1t/Same as any other aas cycle right?

    I'd like to clear the air about this. My research leads me to the conclusion that proper pct for a M1t cycle should be HCG and Nolva or clomid,no more no less. Also it seems that HCG is a vital part of the equation and not the other way around. Right? You may diagree somewhat but I know I can't be too far off.

  2. No need for HCG for 2-4 week cycles. HCG is mainly used after longer cycle (10+ weeks) or during those cycle to keep testes responsive to LH.
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  3. Thanks for clearing that up Bobo.

  4. Of course, if you had balls as big as mine HCG wouldn't be a concern until you hit 16+ weeks on cycle!


  5. army dogs always talkin trash



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