Cycle/PCT advice/critique/suggestions/experience

  1. Cycle/PCT advice/critique/suggestions/experience

    Current cycle

    Week 1-8 Test Prop 100mg/ EOD
    Week 1-8 Tren Ace 100mg/EOD
    Week 3-8 Winny tabs 50mg/ ED
    Week 1-8 Arimidex .25/day...... Needed??? Maybe only if signs of gyno appear??


    Week 9-11 Clomid 150/100/50 (No nolva with Tren)
    Week 9-11 Arimidex .50/.25/.25
    Cabaser on hand if needed or should I include in PCT? If so, appropriate dosage? .5/ED week 9-11?
    Letro on hand as well... Needed?

    Any suggestions or comments with this stack would be appreciated. I guess what I am asking is if YOU were doing this stack, would you feel comfortable and confident with this plan?

  2. I don't think that the adex is needed on pct. Also during cycle you can even bump it up to .5mg. Higher than that wont do anything.

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