T1-Pro problem

  1. T1-Pro problem

    I got a bottle of t1-Pro with 5g of 1test and 5g of 4ad and I've been doing 1 squirt in the morning and one at night and it's been 18 days and my bottle has only gone down like an inch, It looks like I've done only 1/3 of the bottle so far and I'm past the half way point. Have any of you guys had this issue. Should I up it to 3-4 squirts a day or let it ride for 5 -6 weeks? This is my first PH cycle. Thanks in advance for your help.


  2. I had the same problem with mine. I ran 2 4 week cycles at 3 squirts a day and still have 1/5 of my bottle left. I would say buy something and measure out 2ml's an application.

  3. Buy an oral syringe or 2. It usually comes with a small 6ml measuring cup.

  4. How did the solution mix? I read that when using 10 grams of powder, the solution does not mix as well and is quite gritty. Maybe this has something to do with it? I am considering making my own transdermal w/ 5 grams of 1-test and 5 grams of 4ad as well but will only use 2.5 grams of 4ad if 10 grams does not mix well. Also, how have your results been with the product so far?

  5. Are you referring to the manufactured T-1 PRO or the "build your own transdermal" version?




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