How to Esterify TNE

  1. How to Esterify TNE

    This is part of a discussion between myself and Spidey from SM. Granted it's not easy, but the process is very sound.

    Dissolve testosterone (10g, 34.7mmol) in 130mL dry dichloromethane. Add pyridine (8.4mL, 104mmol) and DMAP (424mg, 3.47mmol) and cool the solution to 0 deg C. While stirring at 0 deg C, add acetyl chloride (3.7mL, 52.1mmol) dropwise. Stirr at 0 deg C for 5 minutes and then allow the reaction to warm to room temp. The reaction is monitered by TLC to ascertain when it is complete (an hour or two maybe). The yellow solution is transfered to a separatory funnell with dichloromethane and is washed with 3 x 50mL saturated CuSO4 solution (to remove pyridine and DMAP).

    1M HCl solution may be substituted for the CuSO4 solution but if it is, you must wash the organic layer with sat. NaHCO3 solution to remove acid.

    The dichloromethane layer is dried over MgSO4 and the solvent evaporated to give testosterone acetate. It may be a little yellow but it is still good. If you want nice white stuff, a simple column (chromatography) can be used to purify your crude product.

    Here is the mechanism for the reaction:
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  2. For those that can understand the procedure I probably don't need to point this out but you can substitute any X-chloride for your desired product. For example, enanthyl chloride will yield test enanthate.


  3. how easy is it to obtain these materials?

  4. You'd need an account with a chem supplier.

  5. I was just about to ask this question....damn i luv the search function

    now if i can get this procedure thru my thick skull.

    Any chance of a laymans guide for the home experimenter?

    And could it be used with Tren base? That would be too good to be true!

  6. i just finished a year of organic chemistry and i thought the experiments were pretty simple. you would not believe the products that some people got from their experiments.

    Unless you know what you are doing, these steps may sound simple but they are easy to **** up and then you will find out the hard way that you didn't make what you thought you made.

    CAUTION, big ****ing curve ahead.


  7. I agree Fiddler. I originaly posted this just so it would be out there. I would never try this myself. There is just too much room for error unless you have some great analytical equipment to verify the results.

  8. thank god, i thought you guys were going to do this at home.

    the average yield i got in lab was around 60% or so and that is considered good. after a multistep, without refining, i wouldn't put anything i made into me including aspirin.

    It is fun to talk about though. for the manufacturers, it's apparently not that hard. made a giant batch, concentrate, test for purity and that's about that.


  9. Oh, I don't do any of the things I talk about on these boards. It's all just for fun.


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