%@$# 1-Test Cyp won't dissolve

  1. %@$# 1-Test Cyp won't dissolve

    I'm having a helluva time getting this 1-t cyp to dissolve.
    Trying to get 30 ml @ 200 mg/ml with 5% BA.
    Do I need BB or just keep heating it?
    If I need BA can I get it locally in stores?

  2. you should use 3% Ba although 5 will work(might be a tiny bit painful), and use 7%bb. along with th eoil and heat it and it should fully dissolve.

  3. Any place you can get BB besides internet order?

  4. not that i can think ofoff thetop of my head. I think I am going to start carring BA, BB and Peg to make it easier for everyone but till then lemelange.com is the best.

  5. Thanks Bro,
    Its looking better now.
    I may try it as is and add BB and a little more oil later if needed. Would that be ok?

    PS, you can disregard my e-mail.



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