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    nolva and clomid do different things, poofuss, your really need to do homework before such an outlandish statement
    Hahaha, don't tell me I need to do my "homework" when you handing are out what you may call 'advice' while others would be more confident in saying it is merely an uneducated guess.

    Do not parrot the words of others as Nolvadex and Clomid are both SERMs and while one may not be equally effective in their applications with HDL, FSH and LH recovery...using both is in PCT is hardly worth the cost in terms of what you get out of the therapy.

    If you are overly concerned about those areas, use a different SERM -- Fareston (Toremefine Citrate). It is a superior SERM in all areas except in the event that you catch forming gyno early on, which is where Nolvadex shines somewhat.

  2. I have had a low testerone count for quite some time,However I did not know what was going on. I was being treated for depression, I just had no energy to do anything. Imean taking out the trash was a chore. This went on untill I got soo sick of felling like crap and being on so many meds. Oh I had also injured my back at work and was getting corticosteroid spinal injections. Well I finall started doing my homework online about my symptoms, Oh by the way I had absoltley no interest in sex either. that when I knew something was way wrong. anyway I had found a clinic that deals with this and they did my blood work and my test was way low. So the doctor has prescribed me hcg injections as well as test cypionate and one I cannot pronounce or spell. he said this would bring my levels back up. later I found that the spinal injections I was getting was stopping my natural production of test. I have not started my injections yet but will update when I do.

  3. Okay another question i'm shooting 500mg a week what is the best way to do that, one day or break it into 2 days because i heard about these oil build up bumps that people get from shooting to much in one spot


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