Need injection schedule advice

  1. Need injection schedule advice

    I have never pinned before, and am going to try some 4ad prop from Designger Supps. It is 150mg/ml. I was thinking of doing 7 ml per wk (1050mg).

    What would be a good way to administer the doses. I mean I could inject 1 ml per day, 2 ml EOD, etc etc.

    Also looking for advice on what parts of my body to stick when.

    Thanks for any advice.


  2. Bro, either way would probably be fine, depending on how much you want to stick yourself.
    Just be sure you have done plenty of research on pinning before you start, and keep it sterile.
    I would recommend staying with glutes, delts, and maybe quads until you get used to it.
    I say maybe quads because I've never done them, but most people say its the easiest.

    Check out

  3. I wrote a spot injections article, you can check it out at in the AAS section it is a sticky. If anyone wants to bring over and post it here it is cool with me if it is cool with the mods.

  4. delts are really easy, and to me pecs are too. what i do is right glute, left glute, right delt, left delt, right pec, left pec........then start over. My quads are really weird and hurt like a bitch no matter what I try

  5. quads were always easy for me, mostly cause i was comfortable and i could use both hands. Quads are easy to get also, no bending or twisting you just sit down and insert.
    Plus, your quads are very large all you have to do is move up or down with subsequent injections to minimize scar tissue.
    Triceps was my second favorite spot to inject mainly cause the needle went in so easily.
    I suggest putting the needle in very slowly, hitting a nerve really hurts. Try to stay calm also, put on some music and relax, makes the whole process go alot smoother.
    Since you're new to this injecting idea, i suggest doing eod shots
    Have fun and good luck brother, if you're like me you'll begin to like injecting before long.

  6. Slow, steady needle insertion. Slow, steady plunger pressure. The hotter the better when heating the vial. It makes the oil less thick and will enter the muscle easier with less pain. If you feel pain or an uncomfortable pressure when applying pressure to the plunger simply stop for a few seconds...then continue with less pressure.

    I have no idea how receptive you will be to injects but ED or EOD will definitely get you in the saddle pretty quick...either you'll sink or swim.

    Tris, delts, pecs, and quads should give you a pretty good rotation. I don't hit glutes...not my preferred positioning.

    Start with 1 mL in each area and assess your bodies response to that volume. For example, I can pump 3 mL in each delt without pain when hitting test enth or EQ but no more than 1 mL with prop. Everyone will be different so you'll have to learn to listen to your body.

    If you find that 1 mL is about right for the medial delt and you already pinned 2 mL don't worry too much. It may become red, painful, and somewhat swollen but it is not an abcess. The next time around decrease accordingly. This should be followed for each muscle group you are injecting.

    Good luck....


  7. yeah, be careful with the volume of each shot.
    Start with only 1cc per shot and slowly move up.


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