1. HDROL and PCT!

    Hi my name is Steve, I am 30 years old, I have been training for over just 4 years now, I have recently hit a plateau that has halted my gains for over year, I tried many things in training and diet and the budge seems to stay,however I am interested in taking the PH H-Drol I heard/read that is a less toxic PH and it a good PH to run if you never ran it before. I am more concerned about size and I feel I have decent lifts 435 lb squat , 275 lb bench, 475 lbs deadlift. However Ive been reading through here and I thinking about setting up a cycle like this using this products

    Cycle Assist

    However some people say you do not need nolva for hdrol is this true and why?

    Also I need help setting up a proper dosing cycle thanks

  2. H-Drol is a solid PH but isnt as harsh as say, Sus500 or S-Drol so you DONT HAVE TO use something as powerful as Nolva as a PCT. DONT HAVE TO being the key word. If you can get ahold of it there is really no reason not to use it. If youre taking the more mild route you cant go wrong with Reversitol by I Force and even stacking that with Testabolan V2, but again thats for harsh PCT's. Imo I think youd be fine running Reversitol as a PCT. Use Nolva tho if you have it on hand...why not!

    And again, my opinion, but since this is your first PH cycle run the dosage as printed on the bottle. should be just fine!

  3. most people say you dont need nolva for hdrol because they run 4 weeks at 50mgs a day mabye ramping up to 75 mgs....at this dose you probably wont see much in the way of results....which is the major complaint about hdrol.....but on the other hand you wont get suppressed and need a serm....with an effective dose 100-150 you will be suppressed....especially since you need to run this for 6 weeks....soooo....in summary if you want to get results run a higher dose and use a serm.....

  4. Hmm I am really interested in mainly getting size as well, hdrol reviews seem to be lagging reports of good size gains, however its a good first PH as it is less toxic and I was thinking about mdrol for size hmm i am unsure of which to take

  5. how about a nice low dose phera run.....that would be an okay way to break your cherry and you will still get good size gains....

  6. a pheromone? I never looked into that
    Do you have an feedback about mdrol?

  7. at low doses its fine...most people run too much....10/10/20 or 10/20/20 would be a good run....but i think one of the phera-max clones would be a better run for a first timer......

  8. Why is this?
    Would those doses of mdrol be sufficient enough for size gains?

  9. this is not a plug....as this product is only sold in a small chain in texas right now and not on the web but i put together a super and "tren" mix...each pill is thirty mgs of tren and 5 mgs super....recomended for three a day....people are blowing up on this product with very little sides.....i had my workout buddy, who was 240 and 6'2 and has run countless cycles, do a 10/10/10 run of just super with a carb loading diet...and he put on 18 lbs....IN THREE WEEKS!....most people run too much...get lethargic...have their appetite suppressed and in my opinion kill their gains....

  10. Where can I get this and how much?
    Do you recommend a pct like nolva and what else?
    are you talking about the phera clone right?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Power View Post
    Where can I get this and how much?
    this product is only sold in the stores im affiliated with....for now....

    Do you recommend a pct like nolva and what else?
    i like nolva and clomid plus an ai
    clomid 50/50/50/50
    nolva 20/20/20/20

    are you talking about the phera clone right?
    im not following you here....my whole last post adressed superdrol....i do love phera though....its definately my favorite otc oral.....

  12. Would the following pct of just nolva, cycle assist and mdrol be a good run

  13. if i had to choose between nolva and clomid for m-drol i would definately go with clomid....


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