help with tren extreme cycle

  1. help with tren extreme cycle

    hey guys im new here, about to start a 4 week cycle of tren extreme,my question is should i run a test booster just for pct??? or should i run 1 bottle with my cycle and another with pct??? i have a bottle of androtest(*********) but i was reading labels and it says to take only for 4 weeks and it also says dont take it if u r taking any supplement for high blood pressure but im going to run some hawthorn berry in my cycle,so i dont wanna take that test booster anymore??? what kind of test booster do u guys recommend???
    P.S this is all the supps im going to run:
    tren extreme
    estro extrme
    hawthorn berry
    fish oil
    competitive edge labs pct assist
    test booster???


  2. you will probably need clomid to bounce back from the "tren".....

  3. i know about the clomid but i was asking about the test booster....

  4. clomid is the test booster.....



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