New To Forum Deca help

  1. New To Forum Deca help

    Hello guys. 5'8 \ 24 \ 15% \ 1 previous cycle
    w/was Test.E. 500mg per week for 12 weeks
    Nolvadex/Clomid PCT , a month after took trib.ext. just to c, and boiiiing, maybe placebo.

    I was wondering for a second cycle I would like to add some mass.
    But im wondering about bulking w/ Deca , w/ clean diet how much fat loss or gain would there be, i dont need to add any fat.
    Is it poss to drop to even 13-14% w/ deca+test.
    If not ill prob. run 2 sust250 per week 12 weeks, any help guys.

  2. steroids dont burn or add fat...diets like sh!t and you will put on sh!it clean and you will stay lean.....

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