Test used as male birth control

  1. Test used as male birth control

    Saw this a couple days ago on the today show, also can google it to find more info... But apparently they have been using 500mg of test undec as male birth control. They say possibly avaisble in 3 yrs. But shedds lots of pos light on test use.

  2. For a min then I thought you said test eth, I was thinking for 500 a week ill happily go on BC LMAO

  3. guys on cycle have had babies....this doesnt seem like a very effective birth control method to me

  4. Here's what the BBC had to say about it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8033218.stm

    I remember reading that someone was talking about combining injectable test with a progestin to make it more effective. Can't remember where I read that though.

  5. It would be great if we could get test as BC legally, It would be an easy way to get on a test base for PH cycles....

  6. I got my girlfriend pregnant while on test/tren---how thats possible...i have no clue!? i was at least 6 weeks or more into the cycle too.

  7. I used to have a chinese study saved where they tested this on like 1500 people. Pretty sure doses were between 250mg and 500mg/week of undeconate. The 250mg was pretty damn close to "sterile" and the 500mg was well into "sterile." They all had some sperm production though so there is still a risk. They had them juiced up for like 6 months though. Damn crazy chinese people...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    guys on cycle have had babies....this doesnt seem like a very effective birth control method to me
    the study had 1000 males and largest test study done to date... Of the 1000 over 2 years only 1% fathered a child. There were also no adverse effects and everyones sperm production returned to baseline levels after stopping. Also remember no BC is 100% effective. Gives pos light to test inj and also great that no adverse effects noted.

    I would line up!!! And know lots of guys would.

  9. dude theres a thread on here from a while ago...where like fifteen guys chimed in saying they got there girl pregnant on cycle....it happens a lot...

  10. Would be kind of **** though, everyone would get massive!

  11. ya but mooch how long were they on for? I hear of a bunch of dudes getting their girl pregnant through regular cycling. This was talking about a much longer time to be shut down though.

  12. All I am saying is the Today show made a big deal about this clinical trial and had someone on there saying it works. And could be seen in 3 yrs or so. And a legal male bc.

  13. That would be funny though. Giving men enough test to shut down production will have a lot of jacked people around with bad cholesterol.


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