Post HDrol blood test results

  1. Post HDrol blood test results

    Just got resluts, had a blood test done at a local health fair, everything is pretty optimal except for this...

    Date of draw 4/21/08 approx 11 hrs fasting before test

    Cholesterol, serum 212 HI MG/DL ref. range 125-200
    Triglycerides, serum 176 HI " " <150
    HDL cholesterol 5 LO " " >=40
    LDL 172 HI " " optimal <100
    Chol/HDL ratio 42.4 <=5.0

    comments: serum specimen is slightly hemolyzed, HDL rechecked.

    This was a 5wk 75 mg/day cycle, I had been off HDrol for 2-3 days prior to test. I used CEL cycle assist through cycle, 3-6 g fish oil, many other daily support suppliments, this was something like my 6-7 PH/PS cycle, last PH/PS cycle was last august/september.

  2. how was stress on liver?

  3. AST was 35, ALT 41 which is within normal reference range, but from a HDL LDL standpoint it was pretty stressful on my liver. I was experiencing lathargy the last week also.

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