Half Life of M1T

  1. Half Life of M1T

    Any one know the half life of M1T. Just curious how long it stays active in your system.

  2. To my knowledge no one knows the exact half life at this time

  3. somebody said 15hrs in one thread

    If thats true or not. I dont think many know

  4. I think 15 is kinda high, I doubt its even 12, steadily

  5. still all up in the air as far as a definate answer

  6. I was just wondering b/c if it isn't over eight hours you need to take three doses a day which would be 15 or 30 mg. depending on if you have 5 or 10 mg. tabs. Many say that 10mg/day is sufficient and I don't see how if it doesn't even stay active that long

  7. I'm thinking of bumping it up to 15 mg. a day now (3, 5mg. tabs) I just hope my hair doesn't start falling out like crazy b/c its pretty harsh on it from what I've heard.

  8. chemo did a whooooole analysis on the supposed half life of m1t in one's system when the topic of optimum dosing came up. I'll try and dig it up for you but the long of the short of it was that he claimed that 5mg was enough to stay in the system and still be able to act effectively enough to give results.... anywho who knows what topic Im talking about please correct me if im wrong

  9. also patience is the key when dealin with something like m1t. I'd definately sacrafice the extra pound or two you gain to stay away from the back pain and other sides that have been reported by many other users here.
    If anything try to increase you cals and protein levels in you diet rather than up the level of androgens in your system

  10. MF210,
    I wouldn't worry about your hair too much. I think this was greatly over-hyped. I didn't find M1T to be androgenic at all. I got no strength gains from it whatsoever. My next cycle with M1T, I'll be stacking it with S1+.

  11. Kmac I believe that information from Chemo is in BOBO'S cycle log in the cycle log forum

  12. Quick summary...

    If rough estimates hold true then I hypothesized that 5 mg ED would give excellent gains for the average 200 pounder while minimizing or completely eliminating side effects.

    So far, all feedback reports from 5 mg ED users indicate that there are no sides and gains are realized in terms of quality with an expedient timeframe...just as with higher doses but without the sides.

    Assuming that the predictions from the calculations indicate good theory then the half life estimate puts the value right on the 6-8 hour mark depending on individual factors such as liver health, body mass and composition, dietary intake, workout routine and intensity, etc.


  13. I agree that the 5mg dosing regiment has been inaequately explorered. From Sledges own experiments m-dien with a similar a/a rating (in fact m-1-t is more anabolic) with m-1-t gave good result in the 1-4mg range which is far lower than typical m-1-t dosages.
    I think the initial bunch of user feedback at the 10-30mg range means everyone and his dog wants an explotion of gains first week.


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