M1T and Power Nutrition praise

  1. M1T and Power Nutrition praise

    ya I know hear a million times... I dont care LOL


    You guys rock.

    Im peeing green and my lower back hurts but god damn Im growing like a weed and strong as hell.

  2. i'd say drink more water till pee=not green

  3. Lol

    I do... it works... its usually that first pee in the morning... I drink enough god damn water to dowrn a fish during the day so it goes away pretty quick... plus most of my water inatke is distilled so all is good.,

  4. I've peed yellow, orange, clear and one time a long time ago it was red. Green? Now that would be kinda funny. I have heard of people drinking food coloring and having their crap come out in rainbows, but never in pee. ...I think I got off topic a little bit. Uh, M1T RULES!!

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