Pinning Pro-Sust and 1-Test Cyp

  1. Lightbulb Pinning Pro-Sust and 1-Test Cyp

    I would like to pin Designer Supps

    Pro-Sust is a blend of short acrting and fast acting pro hormones. It contains the following.

    4ad prop - 100mg
    4ad cyp - 300mg

    Total 400mg/ml


    1-test Cyp

    Stats:6ft 238lbs

    Have cycled D-bol and Methyl 1-test with great results.


    1) At my current weight how much of each hormone should I inject?
    2) How long should I cycle before PCT?

    Thanks ahead,


  2. At you rweight I wold use 1400mg of the Pro-Sust per week with 400mg of 1 test cyp per week. Personally I would run it eight weeks with a 6-8 weeks PCT. But you could shorten it to 6 weeks and still get good results. I would keep nolva and clomid on hand you can get both from Power Nutrition.

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