chest pain on M1t

  1. chest pain on M1t

    i'm on my fourth day of M1T and 4-Ad now and i'm only taking 10mg and 300mg perespectively. I am having mild chest paint though. What should i do, is this normal?

  2. I would stop If I were you. Chest pains aren't good and could be a sign of problems.

  3. Are you sure it is chest pains and not indigestion?

  4. why dont u go to the doc and get things checked out , never heard people complain of chest pain .

  5. It is also possible that you have strained some chest or intercostal muscles thus the reason for the pain.

    As ray suggested, see a doctor.

  6. Seeing a dr sounds like the best solution to me also. But I probably wouldn't worry to much. It could be indigestion like size says. I seem to be getting alot of that latley and I almost never had that until the m1t

  7. Why not go to CVS or Walgreens and do a BP check?

  8. Oral compounds can often cause indigestion. The increase in strength could also cause the muscle strains.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Drew138
    Why not go to CVS or Walgreens and do a BP check?

    I stopped my 1MT after 7 days due to blood pressure. I monitored it everyday and mine just rose

  10. When I did my M1T I didn't feel any chest pains or anything like that, but just for fun I went and checked my BP--it was like 160 over 92 on day 4...I didn't think that that was too far bad so I kept 2 days later it was like 150 over 79...

    Next time I'll be more detailed tho, as I didn't check them at the same times...i.e. after dose/before dose...

  11. Blood pressure going up is normal on AAS it is one of the sides. You just have to make sure it doesnt skyrocket, I added cardio and hawthorn to my daily regiment to try and help it some and it has come down significantly in the past 5 days.

  12. Without details of the type of pain it would be hard to determine. The first thing that comes to my mind is upper respiratory and/or increased blood pressure. If it were me, I would stop the cycle, and after a couple of weeks try a light (5mg) cycle and monitor it carefully to determine if the M1T was the cause or not.


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