Dosages on 4oh/m1t/4ad cycle

  1. Dosages on 4oh/m1t/4ad cycle

    Hey guys,

    I have not posted here before. I have been on the board, but this board seems to have a lot more help and less BS so I would like some advice on this.

    I planning a cycle in the beginning of March.

    it will be a 4 week cycle. For the first 2 weeks i will run a bottle of Dermabolics 1 that I have left (about two weeks worth).

    So for two weeks I will run about 250mg 1-test, and then for the last 2 weeks switch to 5-10mg of m1t. I plan on using the minimum required dosage needed to get some nice gains.

    I was wandering how much 4ad/4OH I would need to run with that?

    I am using the BDC carrier and mixing my own powders. Should I go with 5g4AD and 5g Hydroxytest. Or should I go with 6g 4AD and 4g 4OH?

    I am not quite sure what ratio is the optimal (money not a problem)?

    If anyone has any experience or knowledge of this, give me your opinion

    I am leaning towards 5g of each (1:1 ratio)and run about 200mg transdermal a day of each.

    For some background I have run two cycle this far. Both were 300mg 1test a day + 800 mg 1,4 andro a day. Made some nice gains, and no side effects at all except some lethargy the first week. My libido was also fine which amazes me considering I did not run 4 AD at all

    24 years old. 217 lbs 8% BF. Training pretty seriously the last 4 years.

    For PCT I will use my fave of transdermal 6-oxo, 7 -keto combo, and nolva. That seems to get me up and going pretty fast, and help hold off some fat PCT. I have all my others supps in order (K+, NAC, etc...
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  2. I always use a transdermal 4ad/OHT with m1t. If you have 4oz bottles of the new gel, I'd go with 7g 4ad & 3g OHT. OHT is not very anabolic, its really just a stacking agent to offset estrogen related sides. If taken alone, I doubt it would do much if anything for size/strength.

    On my last cycle it nearly eliminated water retention, reduced acne & lethargy. I used 4g OHT/10g 4ad in the old t-gel (8oz) & it worked like a charm. I don't think you need more than a few grams OHT for it to work. I think you'll need higher amounts of 4ad while on the M1t anyway. Plus 4ad powder is 1/6 the price of OHT, although you say $$ doesnt matter. You could run a 50/50 ratio if you want, but I doubt the OHT will do any more at 5g than at 3g. If you want mass, you'll need more 4ad.

  3. So what would be the minimum amount of 4AD you would run a day? 300mg a day? or more?

    as this wiill be my first m1t cycle
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  4. Yeah, the minumum amount of transdermal 4ad I'd use (stacked w. M1t) is 300mg. Believe me, M1t is harsh without it.

  5. I made my mix of 4ad / 4oht recently. 4ad 7.5 grams, 4oht 2.5 grams all in the 4 oz. Tgel. Mixed up nice with a little heating and shaking. Good luck bro.



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