Time Between Cycles

  1. Time Between Cycles

    Just recently finished a great 3 week M-drol cycle and I am on 3rd week of PCT and I have 1 more to go and was wondering how long i should wait until I start a Mild H-drol cycle?? I was thinking somewhere around the lines of 3 months?

  2. rule of thumb is cycle+pct time= time off before next cycle. so in other words u should take around two months off before your next cycle after you have completed your pct.

  3. ya cycle length+pct length + 1 month is what I go by
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    Yup, at least two months. Though after SD, I'd give it a little longer.
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  5. It tells you on the bottle bro. For example "Do not use for more than 30 days without a 90 day break; if you are a professional ath..." thats the label for halotest 25. so mostly just look on the bottle and its going to tell you straight up. 30 days on...90 off! Problem solved! And always use your PCT for atleast the length of the cycle! Good luck man!

  6. Yeah, haven't you read the bro-lore handbook. Every cycle is exactly the same so every time off should be exactly the same too. Very formulaic -- which is what makes it perfect

  7. Like others have said, time on + time on pct = time off after pct is done.

    Also, why in such a rush to start another cycle? In my opinion there is no need to put your body through more stress. I waited a year between my first and second cycles and at least 6 months between every other cycle after that. Give your body rest, it needs to come back to normal.

    Just my two cents.

  8. Come on we need a few more people to say it because the more people who say it, the truer it becomes. Let's all say it at once in chorus.

  9. Right on, Seth, I agree! More people! More!

    Let's just sprinkle a few more people in the mix that don't give an answer/opinion to the question. We need more of those!


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