M1T post cycle

  1. M1T post cycle

    I just finished my first two weeks of M1T. I will be using clen for the next two weeks and then go back to the M1T for a remaining two weeks. What type of PCT should I do for the first two weeks off considering I will be using M1T for two more weeks.


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    You should use Nolva. You really should have pct's before you start your cycle.

  3. I have all of my stuff ready and on hand I just wanted to double check the amounts to take. I am thinking of 20mg for two weeks of Nolva and after my last two weeks of M1T to do a week at 40mg and then two weeks at 20mgs. Please give me some advice. keep in mind I have two more weeks of M1t starting in two weeks.


  4. Those dosages sound good, but you may need a 4th week on Nolva at the end of the cycle. I usually add a 4th week at 10mg, depending on how I feel in regards to recovery.

  5. Yea this is what I am going to go with. I will probably add in the 4th week like you suggested. Right now I don't really have an idea of how shut down I am.


  6. i doubt that much after 2 weeks

  7. according to this thread:
    This Is Your Liver...

    complete shutdown happens after a few DAYS


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