Superdrol: specific question.

  1. Superdrol: specific question.

    I'm in my 4th week of SD, ramped up to 30mg daily. Should I run SD up to 5-6wks total at 30mg and use Nolvadex [tamoxifen] plus novedex [ATD anti-aromatase] as pct - or - should I run it 30mg, stop at 4wks total and use novedex [ATD anti-aromatase] only as pct? Any other suggestions [using another ph after 4wks] if I won't get the nolvadex for another 1-2 weeks?

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    Here are any and all details you may want to know:

    The reason: I won't get my nolva in until 5 or 6 weeks [unfortunately], but have novedex [ATD] ready to go. I was thinking I would just continue my cycle until the nolva came in. My entire cycle is as follows:

    Days 1-5 SD 10mg
    Days 6-10 SD 20mg
    Days 11-current [at 3wks 3 days] SD 30mg [10mg every 8hours]

    Liver support with Liv52, 2 caps daily in am


    1 scoop NOxplode in am [ED but prior to workout if doing 2-a-days]
    1 scoop prior to workout in pm

    Other supp:

    2 double strength Fish oil tabs in am and 2 tabs in PM
    Protein shake in H20 + fat free milk with teaspoon of L-glut, 1tblspn flax seed oil, 1 tblspn psyllium husk fiber immediately after workout.
    3 tabs Cell-tech CR5 immediately after workout daily
    1 scoop Vitargo carbs in 20oz of H2O in shaker during workout.
    6 Gaspari plasmajet tabs EOD 2hrs prior to workout.

    Diet has been perfect [except some alcohol]. Sleep could be better. Workouts very long and solid, with a good deal of aerobic exercise too, 6days/wk with occasional 2wo/day. Had no side effects to speak of yet. No shrinkage, no decr libido, no anger, no fatigue. Little acne.

    Started noticing gains really only at 2wks and ~5days, but there are reasons for the delay, in my opinion, most importantly, I have been sick with a cold from day 8 of the cycle until now [most of the cycle unfortunately - got better then worse]. I have worked through it non-stop. Also noticed more definition before noticing any strength gains.

    I had originally planned to cease my cycle at 4wks and taper nolva over 4wks 40-30-20-10 while also on novedex [ATD]. Stay on the liver support and creatine during 4wk PCT and then stop everything but protein, glutamine, fiber, and fish oil for 4-6wks. Now, since I?m not getting my nolva in as soon as I had expected, I am considering continuing my cycle until it arrives vs. just using the ATD as PCT. Could also stop SD at 4wks, use the ATD product and then add in the nolva when I get it, but I don?t like this idea because of the delay in starting tamoxifen. There are opinions both ways, about whether tamoxifen is absolutely necessary, but I mainly wanted to get opinions on continuing my cycle for another couple of weeks. One other factor is that this is my first pro-hormone cycle ever and first PCT ever. I am 29yo, 185#, 5'10" been working out for 7 years, and working out religiously for 2years.

    I think I know what I'm gonna do, but just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks, SV.

  2. I thought Superdrol, M Drol, etc was a 3 week cycle due to it being so strong and harsh?

  3. In my reading 3 wks was safe and effective, but read elsewhere that 4 was acceptable [maybe not preferred] too. >4 may be too long. So, if I want to use tamox as pct, and wait [unfortunately] until week 5 or 6 when I get it, what do I do in the interim 1-2wks? thanks

  4. Quote Originally Posted by unleashed29 View Post
    In my reading 3 wks was safe and effective, but read elsewhere that 4 was acceptable [maybe not preferred] too. >4 may be too long. So, if I want to use tamox as pct, and wait [unfortunately] until week 5 or 6 when I get it, what do I do in the interim 1-2wks? thanks
    It isn't as though no one has ever gone over four weeks with sd, but it certainly isn't the greatest idea. Hell of a lot of liver stress, and shutdown will likely be epic. At four weeks it's already pretty bad.

    My humble suggestion is that you set up a solid OTC pct to run for two weeks until you get your serm.

    Try a resveratrol supp like AI's PCS and/or PP's Sustain Alpha, run as directed. Throw in Formex or a transdermal formestane, run that t around 50mgs tapering down over the next four to six weeks. (That's the dosages for formex, I don't know off the top of my head what the td dosages would be.) 200-300mgs of I3C every day for the length of your PCT. Just run the OTC as if you weren't going to use the serm, then just add the serm on top. You could just quit everything but the formestane and I3C once you've got the Nolva, but I wouldn't, you're already taking chance going with that dose of SD for that long and then no serm.

    Personally, I wouldn't use the ATD, except maybe at very low doses, but the form would be so much better.

    I realize that this is a good chunk of money to throw out there, but it's your balls.

    I hope everything goes well, and that your recovery is smooth. Good luck!
    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

  5. if i were u id stop at 4 and use the serm

  6. Hey bro, I think the thread pasted below should help some. And you're fine going more than 3 weeks. As you said the gains don't start til the second week, so why only go three weeks when you can get double the gains by going another week? Why not five weeks? If you've loaded up your liver pre-cycle and have a good PCT including a SERM than you can do 5 weeks no problem. I'm in my second week of stacking HD AND SD. I'm going for 4 weeks with that, maybe 5. Don't throw caution to the wind by any means, but at the same time you wanna get the most out of your cycle. This is just one opinion.

  7. more than 4 weeks is a bad idea(sides outweigh benefits), all you can do now is go to pct OTC week 5. Also, were you drinking on cycle?!

  8. You are most likely going to be shut down very hard. I would honestly not run a 5th or 6th week, especially @ 30mg and weighing 185lbs. 20mg is too much for you IMO. Superdrol is an amazing steroid, your gains will be huge even through PCT. I've only run one 4 week cycle and I will never do so again. I just started my third 3 week @ 10mg cycle.


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