1. Methyl-5AA

    Can I take this PCT after a cycle of 1-AD? I will be running 6-0x0 and zma after 6 weeks on 1-ad. Could I add this pre-workout and how would you dose it? This is a cutting cycle. Also what is the difference between this and the 5AA Cypionate if price isn't an issue which should I take. Designer Supps I would appreciate your response as you will get my business

  2. what?

    whats the question here?

  3. The question is would it be useful to take it post cycle of 1-ad and which is better the Metyl or the cypionate. Sorry if it is confusing

  4. It shouldn't be use post cycle anything because it will shut you down like anything else.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by shadow_manifest
    It shouldn't be use post cycle anything because it will shut you down like anything else.

    From what I gather it would be a good pre-workout compound during your cycle, but definitely not post cycle.

    Methylated oral compounds are for designed to withstand destruction by the liver, and can be hard on the liver.
    5-AA cypionate is injectable 5-AA with a cypionate ester attached. The type ester determines how frequently the compound must be administered.
    Some of the new PH/Steroidal compounds, and especially Methyl compounds are not to be taken lightly. Make sure you research and know what you're putting into your body.

  6. Is it a good idea to mix this stuff with 1-ad? Isn't that a recipe for hairloss?

  7. this is a very strong compound, it is not used for pct therapy but actually used for the cycle. usingit with 1 ad should be fine but if you are prone to hairloss then you want to make sure you are prepared.

  8. Can a woman take Methyl-5AA ?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pooh_mole
    Can a woman take Methyl-5AA ?
    I'd think M5AA is the last thing a female would want to take as it's highly androgenic. 1-Test is also probably a bad idea. 19-Nor or a low dose of 4-AD would probably be better options.

  10. No way for a women, way too androgenic. I am woprking on a PH for women, hopefully I will have some info on it in about 3-4 weeks. Please no one pm me about it yet, I wont be giving any info out on this one till after the test results are in which will not be till after valentines day.

  11. Is that a joke, a methylated hormone for PCT? Don't people have a clue anymore?


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