tetosterone depot doseage for a 1st cycle

  1. tetosterone depot doseage for a 1st cycle

    hi just gettin my ducks in a row so to speak, what mg. per wk ,once or twice a week, its long acting and a pct [hcg]?anti "e"? its 250mg/ml

  2. 500mg weekly should be efficient if this is your first cycle.

    PCT: a combo of hcg, nolv,and clomid

  3. the only prob. is i only have 3 amps 250mg/ml of test enan, what else can i do ,maybe combine with some prohormone cyp. or prop ?

  4. Nope.. you need to get some more.. have all you materials together before you start

  5. i have syno, to convert to prop/ and fina

  6. that would work


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