Useing ZMA with 1-T Pro

  1. Useing ZMA with 1-T Pro

    Just started my first 1-T pro cycle ever. I am very excited. I have a question about ZMA.
    I have a lot of ZMA, like 4 bottles, would it be ok... (or a benefit, you know maybe lessen the chance of nut shrinkage).. to take this daily while on the 1-T Pro or would it be a wast of the ZMA.

    I also plan on useing ZMA along with FUZU for my post cycle recovery.

    Thanks for the advice.

  2. not because it would neglect the affects of zma while your body is being filled with a rise in testosterone, but i wouldnt run zma side by side with your 1-test/4ad use. What would be more ideal is start the zma towards the end of your cyle, instead of waiting til your run is over. If your usage of t1-pro lasts your 4 weeks, start up the zma at the end of 3rd week so you will have a nice and smooth transition from your cycle to the post. and keep using it for the post you have planned, adding in the fuzu a week after zma. I have started my post cycle supps the last 3 days of my your case, extend that to a week but again, i wouldnt run them side by will be getting great results with the t1pro alone, with a strong diet and training.

  3. Thanks for the reply sage. I will quit takeing ZMA until the last week of my cycle.

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