To use or not use that is the question.

  1. Post To use or not use that is the question.

    Hey guys,

    Though I'm relatively new here I have been on a couple other BB'ing sites for a while now. I have read countless longs of people using all kinds of stuff from simple Hdrol cycles (The one I want to do so desperately) to Tren acetate and test. It seems that everyone has their own reasons to juice, or not.

    If you guys were to look at my stat's you would tell me I have a lot of filling out to do and I need to eat more, train hard, get good sleep and I will grow. Fine advice for most people really as I am only 21. I have taken this to heart and have been eating, sleeping, and training my ass off. My "squat to you puke" shirt has been puked on.

    I have been stuck at the same weight since December. I used to be a really ****ing skinny kid. Like, 135 pounds skinny. Skinny and Weak. Started benching with the bar, and even that felt heavy. That kind of weak. I have trippled most of my lifts since I started, though my bench continues to lag along with nearly every part of my body I guess.

    I was 165 pounds in early december. Lost 15 pounds like nothing over chirstmas. Worked hard as **** to gain it back with interest, until I almost hit 170 only to loose it all again over reading week and go back down to 158. I am currently sitting again at 165 pounds. My diet is on point on the high majority of days, but those few days at home usually were death for me as my calories slipped by usually two meals, and thats all it took for 10 pounds to just fall off of me.

    Again looking at the usual forum replies of "Your too young", or "I dunno, eat more or something". They are usually, true.

    This was supposed to be a simple one part question but, I guess turned into two. When did you guys start using, and why did you do so at that age, be it 'old enough' or like me 'too young'. Two, if I was to do Hdrol out of sheer frustration with myself and the iron game, how should I do this as to **** myself up the least? I was thinking maybe a 4 weeker, 50/50/75/75? Most people say go for 5-6 so maybe something like 50/50/50/75/75. From what I understand an OTC pct is enough for Hdrol, so something like reversitrol, might do the trick. Was planning to take cycle support while on. Any help appreciated, even if its "your too young".

    Thanks guys.

  2. dont use, learn to eat, read the rules

  3. Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know that swearing wasn't allowed here. I was used to a different forum where swearing is quite prevalent. I won't do that again.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JeremyT View Post
    Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know that swearing wasn't allowed here. I was used to a different forum where swearing is quite prevalent. I won't do that again.
    that wasnt what i was refering to. ur not allowed to post in this section under 21. as soon as mods see this its gone.

    read all u want, u seem to have done ur homework, but no one here is going to support ur decision.....u have to make it for urself

  5. Oh well, too late now I guess. Changed it, but they know that. Back to just lurking I guess.



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