Test E and dbol for 2nd cycle.

  1. Test E and dbol for 2nd cycle.

    Suggestions for how much dbol and how long into the cycle. 12 week total.

    Also, I used Nolva for PCT this time. But, I had no sides at all from my sustanon 250 cycle....except a little shrinkage. Would clomid be better at bringing the boys back?

    Well.....no sides except I was a complete bitch and kept breaking up with my girlfriend......then I wanted her back but she got pregnant by another guy.....BUT MY CYCLE F*CKIN' ROCKED!!! LOL!!!!

  2. weeks 1-12 test-e 500mg/week
    weeks 1-4 dianabol 35mg/day
    nolva is fine for pct, clomid may help your lipid profile a lil better. I use nolva myself, tried and true.

    P.S. if the other guy was me, sorry...

  3. Ha!! Thanks.....you probably did me a favor!

    Sounds good.....might go with clomid this time.

  4. If you wanted to do it in a On Cycle Therapy type of way it would be extremely safe and would help w/ estrogen.

    Week 1-12
    Test E 500mg/wk
    Dianabol 40mg/day
    HCG 250 IU T/ Tr
    Tamoxifen 25 mg/day

    Week 13 - Clomid 100mg/day
    Week 14 - Clomid 50mg/day
    Week 15 - Clomid 50mg/day

  5. i have done the above but with tamox 20mg day and b6 instead of the HCG

  6. Yes! I do think my estrogen got a little out of hand. Thanks!

  7. wait pfa am i reading your cycle right... dianabol for the entire 12 weeks?


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