Well, i use to work out and quit a year ago upon being arrested for possession of steroids (go figure?) but started back up 2 months ago and decided to take a PH "methastadrol"; now a year ago i could of aquired nolva or clomid with a blink of the eye but now i cannot as i closed all ties and need to know a good pct i can find in stores/online.

  2. primordial performance makes a testosterone recovery stack that is supposed to be great. i haven't tried it but am planning on it for my next pct. that plus an anti e like formex or 6 oxo can help u recorver from a mild to medium ph cycle, idk about harsher chemicals.

  3. I could be wrong... but I think methastadrol is a phera-plex clone. If it is, you are likely to get the feedback that a SERM is necessary for PCT. You could always go the research chemical route.

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